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11/13/2013 6:00:00 AM
Letter: Spying on citizens a totalitarian tactic


Years ago, children played the game "I Spy." Now, it is no game, as the federal government is spying on all of us by keeping everyone's emails, text messages, phone call records, and who knows what else. Hitler did this in Germany and in England and perhaps other places.

But now a law has been passed that the government can snoop into our lives in a very detailed way without "probable cause," even though the highest law of the land states specifically there HAS to be "probable cause".

If we common folks violate Title 18 of the Federal Criminal Code, we will get treated to "three hots and a cot" for many years. How many years in prison should a House of Representative member or senator get who breaks the highest law of the land, specifically the 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution, by voting for the phony Patriot Act? Officials said that they will stop listening to phone calls of leaders of foreign countries, but how about us?

If the federal government believes that conservative religious folks are hate groups and that Tea Party people are some sort of terrorists then, just maybe, that is why they are spying on us. Perhaps the real purpose of the Department of Homeland Gestapo is to find out who the real patriots are because they believe these people are the real danger to abolishing the regime.

Warren Rushton


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Reader Comments

Posted: Sunday, November 17, 2013
Article comment by: Privacy... Gone

Please people...you are delusional if you think you have "an absolute right to privacy". Words on paper are worthless regarding "privacy".

Privacy has been dead and gone for more years than you have lived. The day you were born, you lost any semblence of privacy.

The government didn't take away your privacy...society is the demon.

Have a camera on your computer?..any hacker can watch you day and night no matter what security measures you have installed. Strut your stuff on Facebook and Twitter?...a bullseye target!

Can you debate nothing without bashing a political party or blaming the government? Pathetic.

Posted: Thursday, November 14, 2013
Article comment by: @ guy good ~ Up to Americans to protect their privacy.

You are right, of course. However, this does not excuse Obama, the NSA, the left wing, and the New Bolsheviks from their incessant snooping.

Still, it would only take indictments against Holder, Reid, Pelosi, Valerie Jarrett, the head of the IRS, and a few high ranking administration officials in DC being sent to jail, after Obama is impeached, to end the problem of government snooping in its tracks.

Posted: Thursday, November 14, 2013
Article comment by: guy good

"Americans, have an absolute right to privacy. In fact such a presumed right is embodied in the US Constitution."

I'm afraid that it's up to Americans to provide their own privacy. The commercial and government interest in knowing about you is too great to be controlled by legislation.

The upcoming abuse of the data being collected is going to be breathtaking.

Posted: Thursday, November 14, 2013
Article comment by: @ same old w(h)ine ~ TEA Party being confused with Obamanauts

Please provide a single solitary example of TEA Party involvement in any incident of spying, lying, jamming God onto people, enacting rules, stopping abortions, harming homosexuals, or even doing so much as littering as part of their life outlook.

Name one. Identify an incident. Just one.

If any TEA Party member ever engaged in such activity the other members would both report the matter and deny that individual further association with the TEA Party.

The only group spying on their fellow citizens and jamming anything down anyone's throat, repeatedly lying, causing injury and death is the New Bolsheviks supporting Obama.

Like you.

Posted: Thursday, November 14, 2013
Article comment by: to same old wine brand new bottle

you must have your head deeeeeeep in the sand! Both parties do this or are you blind to Oblamo and his nsa recently intercepting European leaders phone calls? Keep dreaming...

Posted: Thursday, November 14, 2013
Article comment by: Bitter Clinger @ guy good: You are absolutely correct.

Everyone seems to be getting confused, as they throw around terms like 'no expectation of privacy' and referring to "Occupy Groups" as harmless as animal rights activists and strident environmentalists.

Americans, have an absolute right to privacy. In fact such a presumed right is embodied in the US Constitution.

So, when governments abuse authority with groups like local police, the garbage collectors, NSA, FBI, and CIA to scan and spy upon their personal business it is not only unexpected...it is a crime. This matter is made worse as private sector handmaidens to this official law breaking such as Google, cell phone providers, courts, and the credit bureaus jump in as well the situation become intolerable...and the public turns, shall we say, rebellious.

Frankly, I do NOT 'expect' my telephone calls to be monitored by the government. It is unexpected to learn my every movement, transaction, and personal associations are being tracked by fellow travelers in Obama's government for reasons vague and likely evil.

What I do 'expect' is a right to privacy and the freedom to go about my day in a legal fashion without every action being tracked and quantified so a bureaucrat can decide if it is OK.

Posted: Thursday, November 14, 2013
Article comment by: Ronald Percival

Lots of party rhetoric from both sides of the aisle here. Don't blindly follow the political parties, think for yourself. I can relate to being boring, car parts, the weather, news, etc... Still the gov`t shouldn`t spy on normal citizens. Plus spying on boring people is huge waste of money and resources that could be used to catch real crooks and creeps.

Posted: Thursday, November 14, 2013
Article comment by: same old wine brand new bottle

How do you think those Tea Partiers plan on implementing their no abortion, no birth control, no homosexuals, ram God down our throats rules and regulations if not through spying on friends neighbors and each other? They are no better than the Gestapo, Brown Shirts or KGB.

Posted: Thursday, November 14, 2013
Article comment by: REAL AMERICAN C.P.O. USN Retired RETIRED OLD MAN TOO

Another 'NOTHING' story the DOOMS DAY MEDIA and Republican's and their whinny baBy Tea party made a mountain out of a mole hill..

We have more to fear from OUR 'REAL ENEMIES and 'FRIENDS 'who spy on us, plus GOOGLE, YAHOO, FACEBOOK, Chrome, twitter , Hackers, SCAMMERS, 'THE SECRET WEB', Nigerians, Russian mob, Yakusa, those little cards that grocery stores scan when we buy anything, camera's everywhere, soon we will all be able to buy drones for our own uses..
I Have not heard of any folks getting arrested after being spied or whatever on by NSA.. My call's and email are very BORING!! If you have nothing to hide don't worry about it...ANOTHER BS story will come out any second now. OPPS there it is...
Its a new world..SOCIAL MEDIA..Kids bullying kids on 'facebook' and dozens have killed themselves..

Posted: Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Article comment by: guy good

I think people really miss the point on what is new here.

The NSA, NRO, credit agencies, FBI, and the rest of the bunch have increased their abilities but there really never was an expectation of privacy in your daily life...especially over a wire.

Sugar Grove was built a long time ago.

The new and improved thing is the ability to actually parse and analyze the data. Think of it as SIGINT on steroids. Not just what, but where and when is of interest. They were formerly limited by the need to use a human or slowish mainframe to look at the raw data from the snooping.

It's synching nicely with the current tendency towards constructing a feudal society (yet again). This one might even be permanent.

Posted: Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Article comment by: M K

The USA has for the 11th time been identified by a global residents as the most dangerous threat to world peace and security in a Reuters poll. That's right, of all asked 52% said the USA is THE Greatest threat. The USA out polled AlQueada by 38 points. Iran had a small 4%.
Your chickens have come home to roost. No more waiting.

Posted: Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Article comment by: Tom Von Deck

I really doubt that the system has a whole lot to fear from the Tea Party. There wouldn't be so many of them in congress if that was the case. I've seen plenty of REAL government targeting, and it wasn't pretty. None of these people were conservatives. If true tyranny happens, most of you won't even see it.

Posted: Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Article comment by: the wino

It is hard to:"I SPY" on us--when : "HOMELAND SECURITY" is collapsing within???
Seems as though the Agency is down 40% in leadership positions.
Since the failure of OBAMA-CARE--seems as though the PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS--are bailing ship?

Posted: Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Article comment by: It Gets Worse

NSA spying is for a good reason - good if you're a multinational corporation. Obama apologists will have a hard time defending their hero over the virtual article of surrender to multinational corporations called the TransPacific Partnership (TPP). Obama is so pathologically secretive about this trade deal that we'll only find out what's in it after it's a done deal. Of course he'll use his stash of NSA secrets to get the dirty deed done, after all, that's what that spying and collecting secrets is all about.

If Democrats don't wake up soon and join the rest of us who know that Obama is dismantling our nation's laws and constitution, we will VERY soon no longer even be a sovereign nation. We need more Edward Snowdens.

Posted: Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Article comment by: Attentive Listener

Yeah, and a few years ago you "patriots" were telling people like me who opposed the patriot act to move to Cuba. It's because Bush was President then and Obama is President now, and most of our supposed "patriots" are loyal to party, not country.

Posted: Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Article comment by: Hitler would be proud!

Search engine "Operation Paperclip" and you'll soon find out who it is that is in control of the NSA!!!

Posted: Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Article comment by: Common Senzi

Funny how you seem to blame Obama for a program which was started in the 60's.

No president, Republican or Democrat has stood up to the NSA.

Posted: Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Article comment by: JM S

Big Brother is watching YOU.

Posted: Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Article comment by: Mr Maverick

It is sad that America is spying on it's citizens and our 'rights' are disappearing one by one. Or police and judicial system are out of control.

Posted: Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Article comment by: Well yes

With liberalism you get big brother. You get what you vote for. The first two years of the Obama presidency, he could do anything he wanted. He could have abolished the Patriot act. He didn't try. He doubled down on it.

Posted: Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Article comment by: 'Terrorists' Everywhere

The USGovernment (USG) also considers environmental and animal rights groups as well as benign political groups like Occupy as risk groups for terrorist activity. Actually, it's all stand in the way of unfettered economic opportunities of the unelected few who buy government policies and actions to advance their interests. That's why the USG spies on everyone on earth. It's not about terrorism. It's about profits and economic advantages to keep us 'exceptional' and #1.

Calling everything 'terrorism' is like the USG saying wars are for 'freedom' and 'democracy'. Economic motives are downplayed so as to keep patriotism up, taxes paid, and kids sent to war. The captains of industry with their insatiable appetite for profits guarantees endless wars and global spying. They don't care whose countries, lives, or freedoms they destroy in the proce$$. Their investment in Presidents is well worth it.

Posted: Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Article comment by: Georgie Bushie

I guess the news of the Patriot act of how many years ago? just got to you folks down in Humboldt. This is nothing new, you are just a little slow.

Posted: Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Article comment by: DragonMaster 6

N.S.A. spying is simply one step in the political domination procedure! I.R.S. has been doing this for years as we have experienced the result of social security and tax audits for standing up to legislators.
It does appear that each politician of all, "Tribal Parties" have specialized training in the concept of, "What good is power if it can't be abused."
Our tax and privacy structures are completely draining on the American citizen to the point some have nothing left to give. Politicians have no Constitutional right to tap any source of information from us except we have let them because of apathy and complacency. How long can that last without a breakdown in a system which has been perverted beyond recognition?

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