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home : sports : local February 06, 2016

10/28/2012 12:42:00 AM
Playoff seedings treat Prescott High well, not so well
Div. 2 Football State Playoffs
(seeds in parentheses)

Friday, 7 p.m.

(14) Prescott at

(3) Ironwood Ridge

Steve Stockmar
Sports Editor

The Prescott High School volleyball team was ranked No. 10 among the Arizona Interscholastic Association's (AIA) Div. 2 volleyball seedings, which qualifies the top 16 programs for the state playoffs, as recently as late last week.

Yet they are not in the state tournament.

The PHS football program was seeded No. 13 two weeks ago, then won their Friday game that week and dropped to No. 14. The Badgers, already on the edge of qualifying for the state playoffs, then lost their regular-season finale this past Friday, which surely seemed to doom their chances of making the 16-team dance.

Yet they are in the state tournament.

Scratching your head? You're not alone.

The AIA's algorithm for seeding teams both hurt and benefited the two PHS varsity programs.

The volleyball team got word late Friday, two days after the 10-seeded Badgers lost their season finale to Boulder Creek, that the annual playoff contenders did not qualify for this week's state tournament. On Saturday, the AIA released its Div. 2 state football playoff brackets, which featured the Badgers, as a 14-seed, qualifying for the playoffs with a game this Friday night in Tucson at 3-seed Ironwood Ridge.

Talk about good news-bad news for Badger Nation.

"We're frustrated, but at the same time it's an opportunity for us to teach the kids you play hard, you try your best and then you accept what comes," Prescott High School Athletic Director Mark Goligoski said Saturday.

"I've been so impressed with the kids and the coaches who (believe) 'We will accept whatever comes because that's part of being an athlete.' We've got top-notch kids and coaches that say 'we did what we could and we'll take what we get, so that's OK.'"

The actual formula for determining state seedings is at the heart of the qualification process. Hardly clear to most anyone who examines it, the formula has been compared, by at least one Arizona athletic director, to college football's controversial BCS system.

"The AIA Seedings is based on the algorithm derived utilizing statistical mathematics presented in a research paper titled: 'A Solution to the Unequal Strength of Schedule Problem' by Roy Bethel in 2005 and developed by MaxPreps for nationwide high school sports," the AIA's website explains of the system. "The data which is not available for direct release is the hundreds of thousands of game results nationwide processed by the algorithm to produce each team's rating value."

The 19-page Bethel paper takes into account several factors, including using, as one example, the 1999 NFL schedule.

While the algorithm may not be the easiest to understand, for PHS athletics this weekend, one varsity team benefited while another did not.

"I know the AIA is trying do something that's fair and balanced for all the sports, even though it may not make sense to us right now," Goligoski said. "Maybe as we go through, maybe we're heading in the right direction. We'll have to see."

The PHS football team will soon be jockeying for playoff positioning in a new division as well.

The initial realignment for 2013-14, based on school enrollment, shows that the Badger football team will drop to Div. 3 next year from its current home in Div. 2. The two-year cycle would place Prescott in the same division with the likes of Flagstaff, Cottonwood Mingus Union and Coconino. Prescott High's reported enrollment of 1,668 is a couple hundred fewer than the last AIA realignment, though the athletics department's other varsity sports will remain in Div. 2.

The proposed realignment is going through the appeals process now, and won't be official for a couple more weeks.

Whatever division teams like Prescott end up in, the state's seedings formula will still determine future playoff spots. At least for now.

"I understand what they're trying to do with this ranking. I guess it's better than the alternative of if you're in a weak division and you don't qualify for the state tournament, it alleviates that issue. You play everybody; everybody is ranked based on a total formula. It doesn't matter if you play Div. 1 teams or 3 teams or whatever it might be. In the end, everyone should be compared to the entire state," Goligoski said.

"I guess that's the goal of all of this. But that's not necessarily how it's playing out."

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Reader Comments

Posted: Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Article comment by: WOW! I Can't Believe it!

All the the negative responses. What happened to loyalty? I'm a Bradshaw Bears parent and I support the Badgers more then you. I don't care how you got to the playoffs, you're there! you need to support them. I know they are underdogs and thats all the more reason to give them the credit they deserve and stand behind them. I will continue to be a Bears fan but the next best thing is Prescott. GO BADGERS!

Posted: Tuesday, October 30, 2012
Article comment by: Sports Authority

Now is a great time for Prescott to make player changes and try to surprise the opponent. Put small, quick players in the A gaps and rotate them every two plays. Their job, penetrate one yard and disrupt. This saves a few starters who will stay fresh on offense. Big O-linement cannot block 130 pound rabbits penetrating the gaps and staying low. I have seen this rug rat tag team concept used before and it's like a swarm of bees. These little tag teams will drive a large offensive line crazy. Might give the Badgers a chance to surprise.

Posted: Tuesday, October 30, 2012
Article comment by: Bob Stone

Good luck Badgers all the negative comments are from jealous insignificant people. Probably the ones who claim the most knowledge where coaches or players in the past who could not cut it. We are proud of what you have accomplished this year! Player from last year I agree you had talent on your team some of it better then whats on this years team some of it the same. You comment on the assistant coaches not doing anything last year maybe that is true probably they where not allowed to do anything under the previous regime. So clearly coach Colette is doing a great job with the program this year both with coaches and players! The Badger's can only play who is put on the schedule and for 7 games this year they took care of business. Good luck Friday Badger's!!!

Posted: Monday, October 29, 2012
Article comment by: Wrong names

Did you seriously recognize only a few players on the fball team? Must be your pals or yourself because most of those names haven't done much for the team. Have you been to a game this season? Oh, wait, just figured out you must be one of the moms of those players. Wow!

Posted: Monday, October 29, 2012
Article comment by: thats all i ever hear is excuses

Excuses Excuses,,..get a life Prescott. Stop living in the small pond )

Posted: Monday, October 29, 2012
Article comment by: Question this...LOL

My prediction:

Ironwood Ridge 42
Prescott 7

Question that!!

Posted: Monday, October 29, 2012
Article comment by: Average Joe's

You guys can stay satisfied! If you like being average, thats all Prescott has been

Posted: Monday, October 29, 2012
Article comment by: Badger Alum

@Art R.

Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm a guy in my early 20s who had a lot of connection to players and coaching staff in the late 2000s.

Posted: Monday, October 29, 2012
Article comment by: Feeling blueeeeee...listening to all this

What are we all talking about?? We barely even made the playoffs with a 7-3 record!!!

Posted: Monday, October 29, 2012
Article comment by: Hooty Hoo

The seeding thing is a bunch of mumbo jumbo for sure. But PHS has basically clubbed the crummy teams and gotten killed by the good ones. They'll find the playoffs to be rough I bet, especially on the road. Anyone know why home teams usually win? (I do).

Posted: Monday, October 29, 2012
Article comment by: An Observation

Why isn't it all that surprising to see comments riddled with errors that would make a third grade teacher weep after each football article?

Posted: Monday, October 29, 2012
Article comment by: Saw this so wanted to post it up on this page. Makes sense!

Eat it up against a real football team with a winning record this friday night in the 1st round.....LOL.... Lets see what you say on next weeks article....yum yum! )

Lets see our schedule:

Bradshaw (2-8) ugly team
Deer Valley (2-8) bad team
Boulder Creek (6-4) above avg team
Moon Valley (1-9) horrible team
Cactus Shadows (3-7) very bad team
Sandra Day O'Conner (3-7) poor team
Goldwater (2-8) awful team
Mingus (7-3) the worst mingus team i've seen
Kingman (4-6) very bad team
Mtn Ridge (5-5) - ave team that kicked our butt

Next up: Ironwood Ridge (9-1) lets see what we got against these guys. Any of you lieing parents want to bet?

Anyway 8 out of 10 teams we have played had losing records.

Posted: Monday, October 29, 2012
Article comment by: Art R.

@ Comment below:

Looks like another mother on her talking about nothing she knows about. It's Hilarious!

But you know what - I agree with the kid from last year!

Posted: Monday, October 29, 2012
Article comment by: Badger Alum

@ last year:
By no means did I mean to put down the players, but it's hard to win with the kind of coaching carousel that's been going on sine Bennitone retired. In mid level high school football in an area that's not exactly a division 1 talent hotbed, coaching counts for a lot. s some coaching stability means an improved team.

And I happen to think that Bennitone was a good coach. A little old school, but a good coach. He cared about his players, withstood scandal within the program, beat Bradshaw almost every year, and compiled an overall winning record (second best to Gahn in school history). Gahn was probably a better coach, but Bennitone was no slouch.

Posted: Monday, October 29, 2012
Article comment by: Prescott Football SUPPORTER

Clearly, none of you know anything abut this. To everyone saying PHS is playing bad teams, your wrong. Prescott is in a HIGHER division than they are suppose to be in! They are suppose to be d3 but instead, they are in d2. Plus they made D2 playoffs! I guarantee that all of you who had something negative to say have never set foot on a football field before. Mengarelli, Rock, Schroeder, Bayze and Gunnar Wilkin are OUTSTANDING. Good luck and keep it up boys!!!!!

Posted: Sunday, October 28, 2012
Article comment by: Been around

Prescott has not had a good football team since Coach Gahn left.

Posted: Sunday, October 28, 2012
Article comment by: I played last year.

We were a better team last year but played a tougher schedule with teams that were loaded with seniors last year. I know we have played the same teams this year but those teams lost alot of seniors last year so they all had a down year this year. Thats why we won some games this year. But I have watched us this year and we were better last season. We would have won 7 games last year too but played better teams and lost some really close ones. So don't put our teams of the past few years down. The only good team we have played this year on the schedule was Boulder creek and they are above avg at best. Everyone else we have played this season didn't have more then 3 wins this season. I thought we did pretty well last year under the circumstances. I don't know much about this new head coach, heard good and bad but I do know some assistants so that tells me they are not greatly coached. Trust me, I have experience first hand, we have had the worst assistants around.

Posted: Sunday, October 28, 2012
Article comment by: just a observer

A (cake ) schedule isn't a bad thing. Sometimes it good. But being a one man run only team could get a team into trouble against good teams. Just a observation .. screen passes are not really pass plays. Although there included into the stats there.

Posted: Sunday, October 28, 2012
Article comment by: Badger Alum

Prescott got a decently easy strength of schedule, but it was no better or worse than any schedule they have played since about 2006 (when Apollo, Independence, Moon Valley, and Cactus where all good and in the Western Sky Region with us). Since then the team made the playoffs in '06, '07, '08, and not since then.

It's a sign of improvement that they made the playoffs on the same light schedule that they have struggled with for the last several years.

That being said, good job boys and GO BADGERS!

Posted: Sunday, October 28, 2012
Article comment by: Weekly Reader

I have read all year all these articles about Prescott foorball this year, one week you ggod the next week you are bad. Prescott has a week schedule, if they played anyone good etc.
From my observations nothing these kids would have done this year would have pleased most of you that had comments. They did better than last year, they beat the teams they should have( a sign of a good team) they are in the playoffs give the kids a break. Three coaches in three years and they are 7-3 get real adults, take lessons fron the football and stop whinning about stuff that doesn't matter.

Posted: Sunday, October 28, 2012
Article comment by: Prescott had a....

CAKE SCHEDULE! You can admit it

Posted: Sunday, October 28, 2012
Article comment by: Are youk Kidding me

Gee thanks for all your high school football knowledge.We wait every week just to hear what you think of Badger football I'm sorry your kid was cut from the team(and you know who you are.) like others have said why don't you give your name when you put down Badger football it makes it more believable.

Posted: Sunday, October 28, 2012
Article comment by: nope one team

Bradshaw has scrimmaged them already and seen how they were. And have first hand knowledge of show low. Anyways like I said before, very very easy schedule! ! And I am for sure, that Prescott would beat each one of them also. That's a no brainer . If you don't know then go to maxpreps and check it. There you will see. And yes show low and blue ridge are pretty equal I know

Posted: Sunday, October 28, 2012
Article comment by: Football Coach

Blue Ridge and Show Low played easy schedules. Are you kidding. Snowflake, Blue Ridge and Show Low play each other and those three would be any team in Yavapai county!

Posted: Sunday, October 28, 2012
Article comment by: if you would like to see a easy

Schedule. I was looking at the blue ridge. And showlow schedule. Easy easy. No wonder why there power houses up there.

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