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7/20/2012 9:55:00 PM
Sharlot Hall Museum's Blue Rose Theater takes on new name
Cindy Barks
The Daily Courier

PRESCOTT - The Blue Rose Theater at the Sharlot Hall Museum is now officially a thing of the past.

In a 7-0 vote Thursday evening, the Sharlot Hall Museum Board of Directors voted to "sunset" the long-running name, and replace it with a new name: the Sharlot Hall Museum Theater.

The vote came after museum Business Manager Terry Berrett cautioned that the museum - as a 501c3 nonprofit organization - should steer clear of operations that the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) might view as "unrelated business income."

After the meeting, Berrett allowed that the museum has received no warnings on the matter from the IRS, but he told the board, "We're being extra careful, squeaky clean."

Along with the tax concerns, Berrett said the operation of an independent theater could be seen as unfair competition by area businesses. For those reasons, he said, "I recommend we sunset the name 'Blue Rose Theater."

The retirement of the name comes just weeks after Sharlot Hall Museum Director John Langellier fired long-time employee and Blue Rose founder Jody Drake.

The two reportedly had clashed in the past over the museum's mission, and Langellier said after Thursday's meeting that the theater likely would change under its new name.

"It will probably morph," Langellier said. "We need for the dust to settle and come back and look at how we're going to reconstitute it."

For instance, he said the theater likely would focus less on music and more on events such as film series, readings and lecture series.

"We have to remember, we have a vast audience," Langellier said.

With that in mind, he said, the Blue Rose name was not consistent with the museum's mission.

"What does the name 'Blue Rose' have to do with Sharlot Hall?" he asked. "We don't want to have conflicting messages."

Drake, who did not attend the Thursday board meeting, said Friday morning that she had no problem with the museum's retirement of the Blue Rose name.

In fact, she said, "I demanded they get rid of it."

She added: "The Blue Rose Theater was formed by me, independently. The Blue Rose Theater belongs to me."

And after she left earlier this month, Drake said, "All the performers left."

Drake, who says she was wrongfully dismissed from the museum job she had held for 18 years, also brought up several other of the board's Thursday night actions, maintaining that the board appeared to be changing course.

"The last board meeting (in June) was exactly the opposition of this week's meeting," Drake said.

During the board's June meeting, museum officials had noted that employee cutbacks were necessary because of a budget shortfall. And they attributed the shortfall, in part, to the cost of the many festivals that the museum conducts throughout the year.

In early June, Langellier told The Daily Courier that some of the annual events could be the next to go, as a part of the museum's effort to cut expenses.

But Board President Neil Thomas emphasized during this week's meeting that the board had no plans to cancel its main events. "There have been some cancellations, but they have been by the individuals, not by Sharlot Hall," Thomas said. "I reiterate - we have not cancelled a single event."

The Folk Music Festival will take place as planned on Oct. 6-7, Thomas said, as will the museum's other major events (including the Frontier Christmas in December, and the summertime Folk Arts Festival and Prescott Indian Art Market).

Thursday night's meeting also included the board approval of two new events at Sharlot Hall - a 'Sharlot's Haul' bicycling event on Sept. 22, and an Aug. 25-26 Western Heritage Days event.

Both were listed on the agenda as fundraisers, and Langellier said after the meeting that they are different from previous events, which have required significant museum resources.

He noted that outside groups would conduct both of the new events, and would contribute proceeds to the museum. While the Western Heritage event would require about $500 to $1,000 in museum help, Langellier said that was much less than the cost of some of the previous events.

"Any of those events that fit our mission, we need to look at that," Langellier said of new events.

But Drake says the events she organized also raised money. "Everything was just working so well," she said. "Why mess with what's working?

And she questioned the apparent turnaround of museum officials. "At the last meeting, it was 'festivals don't make money'; now it's 'festivals do make money,'" Drake said.

Along with the name change at the theater, Berrett also recommended that the museum change the name of its Timeless Treasures store to Sharlot Hall Museum Store, and the board agreed.

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Reader Comments

Posted: Tuesday, July 24, 2012
Article comment by: JOE *

The first capital was at Del Rio Springs near Chino Valley, not Prescott! Therefore, I submit the Governor's House itself is historically worthless, since it is not the first place the governor hung his hat. Therefore, the whole existence of Sharlot Hall Museum is based on a falsehood. If John Langellier is indeed trying to close it as some are saying (and I doubt that is true), I wish him the best of luck. Close this place, ship the artifacts to the Arizona Historical Society, and get something really profitable on this prime downtown location.

Posted: Tuesday, July 24, 2012
Article comment by: @ Sharlot Hall Supporter

"Lots of petty backbiting and disinformation in some of these comments."
For the record, your second sentence is full of "disinformation".

"First, Jody Drake lost her job because she
had engaged over several years in activity which she had been warned was not in line with Sharlot Hall's mandated mission."
I am not sure where you are getting your information, this is not even close. The "official" reason Jody was fired was because she signed a contract. A contract that she had also signed in 2010 and 2011. There were NO warnings about such "over several years". In fact, there were no warnings in any way, only one reprimand and this just recently and nothing to do with the "official" reason she was fired. I could give you the real reason Jody was fired but you would say I was "smearing" John and his board. For the record, Jody has done no agitating. I do so hope she can be persuaded to do so.

"R. Wise and others are engaged in shameful smearing of Langellier"
What shameful smearing? John Langellier lied when he said festivals and events basically break even. At the recent board meeting, Terry Berrett reported that the Folk Arts Fair generated $2000+ income after expenses for the museum. This plus the designated $7000 from the city of Prescott, $9000. If he did not lie, he is grossly incompetent in not knowing the facts of fiscal operation of the museum. Which one is it? Truth is not smearing. Many facts have come out that put John and HIS board in a bad light. I said FACTS. You are right about the fence, that does not belong entirely to John. What other "smearing" would you like to dispute.

R.Wise and company are looking into a way to change the present course the director and board have set. Look at the consequences of their decisions and where they have brought the museum. From the last board meeting and their subsequent change in direction, John and board are responding to public pressure. More pressure needs to be applied and this is exactly what is being looked into.

Posted: Tuesday, July 24, 2012
Article comment by: Oh Really?

To Sigh...
Stating that the founder, Sharlot Hall was wrong in her vision, and the great museum leaders know what a proper museum should be, I don't know how to address such ignorance. Sharlot's vision “I hope to make this building and the grounds around it a center of historical and literary interest and a sort of civic center … and for such organizations of young people as might be benefited or inspired by its ideals and purposes.” Her vision as the founder matters. The "proper museum" is only in the eye of the beholder. Yours doesn't match mine. It was very, very interesting to hear for the first time that the Board of Trustees is wanting to get back to what Sharlot wanted, stated at the last Board meeting. And no, they didn’t mention a name change, I think they realize the public scrutiny they have cast upon themselves most recently. As the founder of the museum, Sharlot's vision should be honored over that of any bureaucrat. To say it should not is like saying the writers of the United States Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights have no relevance today. Sharlot did NOT want the State to become involved in funding, which says a great deal about her and her vision.
John Langellier is not keeping the ship from sinking, he is just rearranging the deck chairs (borrowing from a post) as the ship is taking on water. Turning it around? Five years and what accomplishments can you point to? The museum is broke. No, money is not everything, it is the ONLY THING that is needed for Sharlot Hall to stay afloat. Meanwhile John has been busy drilling holes in the ship's bottom canceling income producing events because it is not what a “proper museum” does. Sharlot's Haul fundraiser (bicycling event) is more the thing though isn't it? Definitely more in the nature of the museum mission than historically accurate theater plays, YOU THINK? Your use of “cheap theatrics” is a contemptible insult given this most recent endeavor for raising funds.
"It was good that she saved the governors house as an activist, but having done that, she should have turned it over to some proper museum authorities for operation, men who had the education to properly operate it." OH REALLY, it needs to be MEN? This goes along with your thinking that an education makes you intelligent. The two are separate. You can have a low IQ and be “educated”. You can have a high IQ and be "uneducated". Given the choice for themselves most people, educated or not, would choose to be intelligent over educated. Those that would choose "educated" proves my point about IQ.

Posted: Tuesday, July 24, 2012
Article comment by: SIGH .......

This is one of those times when just about everybody is wrong. Sharlot Hall Museum has been badly run for decades, and John Langellier is desperately trying to upright this sinking ship before it goes down. Educated people know that concerts, cheap theatrics, and food are not the functions of a respectable museum. Museums are institutions of higher learning, and when they stray from this, they become laughingstocks. I don't know when this museum started to go astray, but it may date all the way back to the founder, Sharlot Hall. It was good that she saved the governors house as an activist, but having done that, she should have turned it over to some proper museum authorities for operation, men who had the education to properly operate it. Without advanced education, Sharlot Hall was totally unqualified to operate this kind of entity on her own. Eventually, carnival-type events started to creep in and we see the results, a morass that Dr. Langellier is trying to undo. People talk about the money that theatrics brought in, but I submit there are more important things than money, and that is the integrity of a museum's mission. Frankly, I could even support a name change, maybe to something like Arizona Highlands Museum, but I suppose that the name Sharlot Hall Museum is so established it would be difficult to get a new name into people's minds. Several of the buildings on the grounds are not original and historically worthless, and could be torn down and the spaces maybe used for more exhibit space. The public needs to stop acting on emotion, and realize that this is a museum, not an entertainment center. If you want live entertainment, there are many venues to choose from.

Posted: Tuesday, July 24, 2012
Article comment by: Sharlot Hall Supporter

Lots of petty backbiting and disinformation in some of these comments.

First, Jody Drake lost her job because she
had engaged over several years in activity which she had been warned was not in line with Sharlot Hall's mandated mission. She might have kept her job had she been on state payroll rather than on the Historical Society payroll. It is time for her to stop agitating in the community and get on with a new occupation.
I cannot think of a worse idea than a hearing conducted by Jody and Mrs. Ruffner. Jody would turn it into a complaint session benefiting herself.

Artifcacts taken from Sharlot Hall were taken long ago. Under John Langellier's tenure,
strict rules have been followed (mandated by the state) in which persons examining the archives must sign in and out and are observed in the archives area.

R. Wise and others are engaged in shameful smearing of Langellier, who has followed state policy to the letter, including archives protection and the erection of a fence at the museum. Hateful, nasty stuff by these commenters, who seem determined to keep agitating until the museum is destroyed by
their poisonous heckling.

Posted: Monday, July 23, 2012
Article comment by: TO R. WISE

Kudos to you for being both forthright and insightful. I admire your logical approach to setting up a "town hall" type meeting to help all of those concerned with SHM to understand how to initiate changes to the management and the board of directors. I would love to see someone like Elizabeth Ruffner involved as well as Jody Drake and some of the ex-employees who have felt 1st-hand the dictatorial management style of the current director. Many of the volunteers have had careers that have imparted knowledge of the inner-workings of boards of directors which could prove helpful.
Legal advice might be hard to come by since it would have to be "pro bono" (not a favorite phrase among lawyers who find "deep pockets"
to be a much preferable term). Anyway, you seem to be the most likely cadidate to bring this seed of discontent to fruition so I wish you good fortune. You certainly have my respect. Thank you!

Posted: Monday, July 23, 2012
Article comment by: Tom Von Deck

@To Tom V(o)n Deck: Great. That's good to know the Cowboy Poets are still in Prescott. I actually thought they left town.

Posted: Monday, July 23, 2012
Article comment by: GHOST WALK

Great detective work! Many have wondered why John Langellier left such a posh position, like director of the Reagan Library, to come to little ol' Sharlot Hall Museum. There is a story there, it looks! 2007 or shortly thereafter was when he came to Sharlot Hall, right? First thing he did here as soon as he took power was to cancel the Cowboy Poets, Ghost Walk, Book Festival because he said these things were not what museums do. Since then, he has been slowly chipping away at everything that made Sharlot Hall Museum unique and a fun place to go, simply because he has the California view that museums are nothing but exhibits and giant textbooks*****and the exhibits since he arrived have been nothing that would draw return visitors. And don't get me started on "Sharlot's Haul"!

Posted: Monday, July 23, 2012
Article comment by: Sharlot Hall Museum and Artifacts Controversy

According to Wikipedia, searching under the 'Ronald Reagan Presidential Library' and the subheading 'Artifacts controversy' it is stated that:

"On November 8, 2007, Reagan Library National Archives officials reported that due to poor record-keeping, they are unable to say whether approximately 80,000 artifacts have been stolen or are lost inside the massive museum complex. A "near-universal" security breakdown was also blamed, leaving the artifacts vulnerable to theft."

"In an audit, U.S. Archivist Allen Weinstein blamed the library's poor inventory software for the mishap. Frederick J. Ryan Jr., president of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation's board of directors, said the allegations of poor management practices at the library reflect badly on the National Archives. The library has undertaken a massive inventory project that will take years to complete."

During 2007, John Langellier was deputy director of the Reagan Library. This raises the question of is there adequate record keeping and accountability of artifacts at the Sharlot Hall Museum to prevent artifacts from being stolen or lost . It also raises the question of is there adequate security to prevent artifacts from being stolen. If it happened at the Reagan Library it can happen at Sharlot Hall Museum.

Posted: Sunday, July 22, 2012
Article comment by: The More They Talk, The Deeper it Gets

Following all of the recent news at Sharlot Haul Museum, contradictions in statements, then adjustments to those statements and then one-eighty degree actions on what was previously stated.

John and board would be better to pass a motion to place a gag order on themselves, second and third it. Their biggest adversary in clearing things up has been their mouth, story keeps changing.
Humorist Will Rogers said something like,
If you find yourselves in a hole, quit digging.
I am sure the same applies here in a similar way as what John and board have said.
They should quit talking.

Posted: Sunday, July 22, 2012
Article comment by: How Out of Touch With This Community Can You Get?

"It will probably morph," Langellier said. "We need for the dust to settle and come back and look at how we're going to reconstitute it."

"For instance, he said the theater likely would focus less on music and more on events such as film series, readings and lecture series.

"We have to remember, we have a vast audience," Langellier said.

John, John, John. Blue Rose ticket prices for the Historical Plays and Music series were $14 at the door, $10 with advanced ticket purchase and $8 for members, which are the reason for the success story of the Blue Rose Theater. Your thinking that film series, readings and lecture series is what a museum should be won't pay the bills and bring in the same revenue here in Prescott. Thus is the mindset you brought with you from the California Reagan Museum. This is Sharlot Hall, not the Reagan. If your ideas and thinking would have worked here, Jody would have been all over it in helping the museum (before you ever came here). You do not understand giving back to community, what the community wants and is willing to pay for. Sure, go ahead and implement your planned offerings “after the dust settles”. A year later you will be saying that the Sharlot Hall Theater doesn't make money (what you said about festivals and events) and will say the theater needs to be made into an exhibit space or some other such because in your little world that is what a museum should be. Go ahead and do it, your board will keep giving you a raise because they don't want to admit they made such a bad hire and you will stay because on your résumé you can’t point to a single accomplishment at the Sharlot Hall Museum. No other institution will hire you. You can’t get a job anywhere else many were hoping you could. Please keep applying though.

To date cancelled and/or moved from the museum because of your influence John:
Cowboy Poets, Book Fair, Ollie Education Classes, Ghost Walk, and Day of the Dead.

John Langillier score card on your great achievements here in little old Prescott, a small town so far beneath your great abilities.
And no John, don’t bring up the Trades Building, a different can of worms and you don’t want to go there.

Posted: Sunday, July 22, 2012
Article comment by: Sharlot Hall is Important to Prescott

The current situation at Sharlot Hall Museum appears to be a deliberate and punitive type of plagiarism-type of behavior by a select group of 'appointed' parties. It basically involves taking someone's ideas and using them as your own, a form of stealing.

In this situation, John Langellier, Board President Neil Thomas and the Board, voting 7-0, along with Business Manager Terry Berrett suggesting that they sunset the name 'Blue Rose Theater', openly and explicity decided to 'replace' the name of the 'Blue Rose Theater' with the name 'Sharlot Hall Museum Theater'. They belittled, discounted and suddenly fired an 18-year employee of the Museum to effect this change.

They also changed course regarding the financial necessity of canceling festivals to save money and now Neil Thomas is stating "I reiterate - we have not cancelled a single event." (except for the Blue Rose Theater of course....) Was it just an excuse last month to justify Jody's firing and is no longer suiting their purpose? Hummm?

Plagiarism is cheating to accomplish your goals at the expense of someone else and is unethical and may be a violation of civil rights if you damage that party to accomplish your goals.

Plagiarism is a behavior resorted to when you are unable to or incapable of accomplishing a goal yourself, or just not motivated. For example, one might resort to this if they felt threatened by the accomplishments of others and attempt to take over and credit themselves for others' accomplishments or for profit..

Regarding the current theater situation, Langellier states that "It will probably morph". "We need for the dust to settle and come back and look at how we're going to reconstitute it." What?!!!!! John Langellier's State-funded $86,250+ and benefits is not the solution to Sharlot Hall's dilemna and we need somebody there that can get the job done and do some fund-raising? 'Sharlot's Haul' and other outside groups are planning to 'contribute' to Sharlot Hall but are not related to it. There could be an IRS issue with this being "unrelated business income."

I would like to know who appointed John Langellier to his current position as the Director of the Museum. Appointed by who? The involved parties seem to lack any clear direction for the future of the museum and don't seem to care. Maybe they want Sharlot Hall to fail by default? Sharlot Hall has always been a very important part of Prescott's past and it would be unfortunate if the Museum is closed and the archives are moved or just stored. There needs to be more public and taxpayer accountability.

Posted: Sunday, July 22, 2012
Article comment by: Let's try this one more time. This time with the HEADLINE. You do this often! Why?

"The names have been changed to protect the innocent"

Or, perhaps, the not so innocent in Sharlot Hall Museum's case.

Posted: Sunday, July 22, 2012
Article comment by: R. Wise

ok.... Here's the thing....... I can't just say let's have a meeting. I have to have a venue that will hold a large number (hopefully) of people. And.... we need a person or people who are willing to speak to the group and help us all understand what's happening to our heritage. I have a lot of family history in those archives. I do not want to see the Old Girl close and our archives end up in Phx. Any suggestions from the membership out there as to where we could hold this meeting. I have one already: Granite Creek Park. Perhaps there is an indoor venue, it is Monsoon season. I'll do what I can... some help would be nice. Have a great Sunday... R

Posted: Sunday, July 22, 2012

Langellier and the board are retreating on the festivals because they did not expect the huge public outcry over the decisions to end live entertainment at Sharlot Hall Museum. Such an outcry would not have happened in California where they came from, so they did not expect it here and were blindsided. Sharlot's Haul???? God help us.

Posted: Sunday, July 22, 2012
Article comment by: To Tom Van Deck

The Cowboy Poets moved to Yavapai College the summer after its last appearance at SHM. It will be there next month, 8/9-11.

Posted: Sunday, July 22, 2012
Article comment by:

Or maybe the less than innocent.

Posted: Sunday, July 22, 2012
Article comment by: TO Randi Wise, A Voice of Reason

You know the truth, you understand the situation...I beg you to spearhead your great idea of a SHM members meeting, sans board. Surely among them are attorneys and nonprofit experts who can provide advice as well as information regarding the rights and actual power of the membership. It might be that a simple "no confidence" vote by the members would have the strength to oust the director and the board. New, dedicated leadership is the ONLY way to change the dangerous direction of the Museum. Please Randi, make this meeting happen!

Posted: Saturday, July 21, 2012
Article comment by: In A Nutshell

Knowing Jody personally, I am surprised that her absolute dedication to, and love for the SHM
was rewarded in the manner it was. I'm afraid that most Prescottonians are, like myself, just too involved in our personal survival to give much thought to the plight of the museum. I do hope that the state will take notice and make the needed corrections that our city is not willing to do. Jody I hope you take legal action to redress your shamelss dismissal.

Posted: Saturday, July 21, 2012
Article comment by: shano o

A western museum lost the Cowboy Poets? For good? And a local living history theatre group that made money for and improvements to the museum? Good luck trying to replace either of those local traditions....

What incredible incompetence.

How many people will need to be hired to work in that new basement before it caves in?

Bunch of bureaucrats trying to cover their behinds.

Posted: Saturday, July 21, 2012
Article comment by: LSD NOMORE

Your article regarding "Sharlot's Haul' brings back fond memories of my hazy acid-dropping days is California and the many ideas I came up with on those nights under the influence. Mornings came though, and I was confronted with reality. I hope those in charge with Sharlot Hall's future will themselves soon confront reality and join the rest of us here on earth.
"Sharlot's Haul"??? Whoa!!

Posted: Saturday, July 21, 2012
Article comment by: Tom Von Deck

Like I said another time: If people want to save the museum from disaster, raise $200,000 (the Whiskey Row people did almost half that in one day) and offer it to SHM on the condition that these people step down. If they don't, see if Cowboy Poets wants to come back to Prescott, maybe at the Yavapai College campus or something like that. SHM is not just a collection of old stuff that gets even older after one visit. That's no vision.

Posted: Saturday, July 21, 2012
Article comment by: Who is Terry Berrett?

Is he/she paid. How much? As much as overpaid director Langellier? Who selected him? John? His groveling, idealess, sycophantic board? Who? And to what end? To change the names of the theater and the museum shop? Exciting top management decision! Can't wait to see what these mental giant leaders come up with next. Oh, I forgot the bicycle event...

Posted: Saturday, July 21, 2012
Article comment by: Soon to be former member

I see that the crew at SHM is not only continuing to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic but now they are calling them lounge chairs, firing their long time crew members, and discussing non-relevant events such as a bicycle event as the ship continues to sink beneath them.

Posted: Saturday, July 21, 2012
Article comment by: 18 Years and What do you get?

Blue Rose, founded by Jody Drake, formed a partnership with Sharlot Hall eighteen years ago. They had you could say, a gentleman's agreement. People and faces changed, there are no gentlemen at the museum now to uphold the museum part of that agreement.

The outside amphitheater was in the beginning where historical plays began. The amphitheater and wooden fence were largely done with Blue Rose income to the museum to what you see today. The Blue Rose theater was moved to its present location because of Jody and the extra income she brought in. The furnishings, the equipment, all because of Jody. The museum has profited greatly because of Jody. Not just monetarily, but in bringing our true local history out in the form of historically based plays and Chautauqua. Bringing history to life, developing and promoting living events and putting a theater in the museum. Yes, there has been friction between John and Jody. John's "vision" was to make the museum a standard museum. Old buildings and dusty exhibits. Standard, not extra special as she was when he arrived. Cowboy Poets, first to go. His drab vision, no living side, no festivals or special events. The now most recent change in direction John had set course for is only because of the community outcry that festivals and events should stay. What Jody stood for, why they clashed. In a very small way Jody has the last laugh.

Five years of John Langiliar and a do nothing board wasted the financial foundation of the Sharlot Hall Historical Society. Next year will not be better than this year. Lack of vision and foresight, next year John may see his true vision come to fruition. Dead buildings and dusty exhibits. A standard Museum. I will no longer support the museum until there is drastic change at the top. It is a history museum. Look closely at the last five years of it's history.

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