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9/6/2013 6:01:00 AM
McCain plans town hall in Prescott today
Ralph Freso/The Associated Press
U.S. Senator John McCain, R-Ariz., speaks with constituents during a town hall meeting at the Burton Barr Central Library on Thursday in Phoenix. The meeting, which was suppose to host a variety of topics that effect Arizonans, became a platform for the topic of military action in Syria.
Ralph Freso/The Associated Press
U.S. Senator John McCain, R-Ariz., speaks with constituents during a town hall meeting at the Burton Barr Central Library on Thursday in Phoenix. The meeting, which was suppose to host a variety of topics that effect Arizonans, became a platform for the topic of military action in Syria.
The Daily Courier

PRESCOTT - U.S. Sen. John McCain announced Thursday afternoon that he has scheduled a town hall for noon today at Prescott City Hall, 201 S. Cortez St.

He will discuss military action in Syria, immigration reform and other issues affecting Arizonans.

The public is welcome to attend this free event.

The Associated Press reported that McCain faced a tough crowd at a town hall in Phoenix Thursday that was largely opposed to military action in Syria.

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Reader Comments

Posted: Saturday, September 07, 2013
Article comment by: Helen Henderson

McCain is a traitor to Arizona and the Republican Party. Another pansy for Obama.

Posted: Saturday, September 07, 2013
Article comment by: Heaven Help US!

Yes, it's a horrible thing Syria is doing to their own people, but we can't be the Mary Poppins of the world and risk our own country of a retaliation. We have enough murders and starvation in our own US of A, and that's where we need to focus. I wonder how many lives our own bombs have taken in the past during those "wars".

Posted: Saturday, September 07, 2013
Article comment by: Ethel Leeper Wyatt

you say McCain will take the peoples wishes back to DC...DREAM ON. He & Flake are the pushers of the gang of 8 bill that gives illegals priority over those that are seeking citizenship with respect and by our guidelines/law, we have always had, do and always will have a path to citizenship, WE DO NOT NEED THE GANG OF 8 BILL , it will overwhelm our country and hurt our citizens/legal immigrants, they are putting illegal law breakers before the law abiding, if they break our laws now, they will feel free to tomorrow, Obama says congress & the U.S will loose face if we don't attack Syria, he wants to go to help his muslim brotherhood, Don't trust Obama, or anti Arizona-citizen McCain or Jeff Flake.

Posted: Saturday, September 07, 2013
Article comment by: the wino

After reading ALL your comments:
Do not RE-ELECT!!!!
I wish BARRY GOLDWATER was still here.

Posted: Saturday, September 07, 2013
Article comment by: John Boy What A Joke

McCain has lost his last choir boys, " the angry old white guys" now he has nowhere to preach. Wonder if he had one of his meetings in Tuscon, if so I bet they feathered John Boy with gifts!
As far as this "clown implant" McCain had Speak the Dept of State is letting thousands through the back gate, obviously all hate Assuad that's how they got her.

Posted: Saturday, September 07, 2013
Article comment by: domenick negri

This is my new slogan for the most incompetent president in the US history and it pretty much sums him up." i did not say what i said" " the world said it". Obama's speech writers must be on Prozac by this time, they are having a hard time keeping up with his lies.

Posted: Saturday, September 07, 2013
Article comment by: Way of Dog

It's good that Republicans give their war council. They have disparaged our war Chief with their media, made accusation and refused to admit their false witness.

I think it is wise we trust in our War Chief and his war council.

John McCain, the millitary should only be the means to the ends of a massive humatarian effort. The mission is to mitigate the damage caused by a war criminal. There may be a path where Syria will stand down for the massive supplies, refuge equipment and humanitarian aid.

Run through all the possible scenarios of a massive peace aid mission airdrop to all the parties. Consider the propaganda that would be denied, and contrast that with evil that was done.

We (the world) will all pay for the humanitarian aid and the knowledge that we failed to act.

Posted: Saturday, September 07, 2013
Article comment by: Blunt Truth

No Trust: Your analogy is foolish. The A bombs were dropped on Japan to insure an invasion and land war in Japan to secure the entire country (which would have no doubt killed far more Americans AND Japanese than the two bombs) would not be needed. It was simply the lessor of two evils. Seriously, read a history book. Learn something. Let me guess, a particularly uninformed Prescott College student?

Posted: Friday, September 06, 2013
Article comment by: gary chamberlain

Is Senator McCain a hero or just another common politician?

I have visited the Hanoi prison where Senator McCain was held captive and it is not a luxury hotel! Visiting the Hanoi Hilton and listening to the stories told about the prisoners held there, throughout history, will bring you to tears.

As a veteran and prisoner of war Senator McCain has my respect but that respect doesn’t carry over to his career.

I have not a clue what Senator McCain stands for because it seems to always change. Like the flavor-of-the-month, as with most politicians, they seem to be full of it. As a politician, Senator McCain is just like so many of them, from all parties, they tell us what we want to hear that gets them elected or re-elected as they pit “We the people, from all political parties against one another”.

Questions to Arizona Senator McCain,

How proud of our Arizona Veterans Highway (I-17) and two others that are memorials to veterans are you?

Our three Arizona veteran’s highways are extremely trashed by Arizona residents, tourists, ADOT and ADOT contractors"

What are you willing to do to bring some honor and respectability to all three of our veteran’s highways in Arizona?

Is ironic that the very agency (ADOT) that is responsible for a national beautification program (Adopt-A-Highway) is also responsible for trashing our Arizona Veterans Highway and I have the photos to prove it plus this link.

I'm willing to work with Senator McCain, Governor Brewer and ADOT on this issue.

Senator McCain, “What are you prepared to do?”

Gary Chamberlain
Cornville AZ-USA
Vietnam veteran

Posted: Friday, September 06, 2013
Article comment by: No Trust, No Credibility, No Money, No War

What Obama is going to do is utter insanity. The fact that McCain backs him up is cold comfort. They can't wait to start WWIII so they can prove to the world how big, mighty, and moral the USA is and so no one will dare disobey us. Money is of no concern.

Assad is said to have the biggest stockpile of chemical weapons in the world. The USA has the biggest stockpile of nuclear weapons in the world. Which one is worse? Assad has allegedly used chemical weapons to kill over a thousand civilians, including 400 children. The USA has used atomic bombs to kill hundreds of thousands, including tens of thousands of innocent children. How did we justify it? It helped us win the war by frightening the Japanese into surrendering, just like we want to do to Assad to get him to surrender. If at first we don't succeed, will we use nukes? Nothing surprises us anymore when it comes to politicians and wars.

Those were incredibly heinous and cruel acts against civilians by the USA, but the world did NOTHING. Maybe they should have so we wouldn't have ended up thinking we're the world's judge, jury, and executioner.

If the US Government thinks they have so much solid evidence of war crimes by Assad to justify risking lives and capital to take us into war there, then they surely have enough evidence for a slam dunk conviction in the International Criminal Court where some other war criminals have been tried and successfully convicted. They should show it all to the Judge - unless it can't stand up in court.

Posted: Friday, September 06, 2013
Article comment by: senator tomahawk

Guess which state is the home of the tomahawk missle manufacturer?
Ya don't think that the AZ senators are influenced by this do ya?
Of course not -- they are more interested in preserving democracy for some poor souls half way around the world. Ha, Ha.

Posted: Friday, September 06, 2013
Article comment by: Tom Von Deck

@The Republic's Answer: I wonder if the Syrian guy was the same guy who showed up to the Phoenix meeting and talked to the press about the need to oust Assad. I wish I knew what video it was. It might have been a Phoenix news network.

Posted: Friday, September 06, 2013
Article comment by: Just Saying

If you announce a "meeting" I.E. Photo Op earlier perhaps some of us could have asked for the day off. We are working 50hr weeks at dirt wages to pay off your military misadventures already. We are sick of you!

Posted: Friday, September 06, 2013
Article comment by: We Need A Plan

We don't have a Middle East Policy/plan. Therefore, before we do anything we need to determine:
What is our goal
What is our measure of success
What is our withdrawal plan
Are we the right nation to do this

The President could call for the Middle East Countries to stabilize Syria.

I believe the Middle East countries should take the lead on this. They have the vested interest for stability in the area understand the culture of the area have the respect of the area and have the financial resources to do this.

McCain had said they don't have the weapons, but they can either buy the weapons and/or pay for bombings.

McCain then said they don't have the troops. However, he also said no US troops on the ground will be used. So troop quantity should not be an issue here.

Posted: Friday, September 06, 2013
Article comment by: Moderate, independent, and proud of it

@ John McCain doesn't care ...: I didn't hear this particular comment by McCain, but even if it was said in anger, so what? It was a give and take dialogue, and much more insulting remarks were directed toward him and our Commander in Chief. Overall, though, I was surprised with the civility of the dialogue.

@ Alan Whitney: Even though I arrived not much before noon and had to stand in line outside, I stuck around and was able to get in, thanks in part to McCain for encouraging the police on duty at the doors to make space for those in the waiting room to get in.

@ Veritas Semper. It's the obstructionist, haters in the tea party and their ilk going back to Gingrich that have driven many more people out of the Republican party and into Independent status. It's sure looking like you'll be able to thank them once again -- not McCain and Flake -- when President Hillary is elected in 2016.

Posted: Friday, September 06, 2013
Article comment by: poker face

Good to see McCain playing video poker during Congress sessions--keeps us out of trouble.
We pay him to do this you know.

Posted: Friday, September 06, 2013
Article comment by: The Public's Answer Was a Resounding NO@

Should have been there folks...backfire on McCain...almost the entire audience was against any involvement of U.S. military with Syria!

Quite interesting...vets were against it, women against it, Christian right against it, independents against it.

On guy of Syrian decent promoting McCain's views...probably a "plant".

McCain's bottom line...he did this because he wanted to know the "people's wishes" was a rsounding NO to Syria involvement...

McCain's take...he said he would take back to Washington D.C. the people's wishes..."that the constituents wishes in Arizona was...
it would only consider involvement in the Syria problem if it could be proven necessary..

NO NO NO...the people said NO intervention under any circumstance...not that they would consider it...and the beat goes on..

Posted: Friday, September 06, 2013
Article comment by: Mr Wonderful

John Rambo McCain is a disgrace to our nation and should be physically removed from office in shackles for War Crimes. This guy is the most dangerous War Monger in America and every time I see him on Television pushing another B.S. invasion, I feel sick.

This man cares not about our young men and women in the Armed Forces. As far as John is concerned, they are expendable and cannon fodder for the benefit of his Wall Street cronies funding his campaign. Take a look at how many military industries support McCain. It would make you sick.

I say we take McCain and that other chicken hawk knucklehead Lindsey Graham and drop them in the Syria war zone and leave them there. Why do the people of Arizona keep electing this nut?

Posted: Friday, September 06, 2013
Article comment by: McCain Didn't Make The Sale

In case anyone missed it, at the very end Senator McCain said he wasn't there to get our approval or opinion. He didn't even ask for a show of hands because he said he didn't need it. He actually said he already knew where we stood and would report to Obama that we would SUPPORT military action CONDITIONALLY if it had a CLEARER mission. It was like we were just props for a predetermined political performance and he got the last laugh at our expense as he shut off further comments.

Apparently he was there to try to sell us this trumped up war but few were buying. He GUARANTEED that this military bombing campaign wouldn't turn into a war, and he GUARANTEED that the rebels were really good guys - he's met them! All of them apparently. He was full of it.

Basically it was a sham, more like a stand-up comedy routine with him starring, but we're not laughing and we're not buying. This proposed unilateral and unauthorized clear Act of War against Syria is a case of false advertising, defective product, faulty engineering, and simply a disreputable and harmful brand. It should be outlawed. Oh wait, it is.

Posted: Friday, September 06, 2013
Article comment by: John McCain Doesn't Care About OUR Country

John McCain made a contemptuous comment today at his meeting that those of us who oppose this cockamamie bombing scheme 'don't care'. Well, we wouldn't have been there at his town meeting if we didn't care. He is trying to lay a guilt trip on us but it won't work.

John McCain would not support this risky and reckless military action if he cared more about about OUR country and less about always bombing other countries. The day he stands up and fights for schools and police and firefighters and libraries and infrastructure improvements is the day I'll be believe he is any kind of caring person.

He should retire to one of his seven homes and get long-needed therapy so he can get that chip off his shoulder that makes him fixated on war. We have too many overdue needs right here at home which he never fights for. He's a one-trick pony - and old War Horse.

Posted: Friday, September 06, 2013
Article comment by: Alan Whitney

I went, but barely got into the SRO section.

Left when he didn't show by 12:05. Oh, well...

Gee. I voted for J.D. Hayworth in the primary. How about you?

Posted: Friday, September 06, 2013
Article comment by: Small venue. Wouldn't let the public in!

Like the Gosar self-serving, phony town meetings. Small venue. Pack the place with entourage and shills. Keep the public who might even as a hard-ball question out. Done. So utterly disgusting.

Posted: Friday, September 06, 2013
Article comment by: no privatedata

Has anybody seen John"Build The Dang Fence" McCain? We are stuck with John McAmnesty
who wants to bomb all of the world's
evil doers. It truly is time for McCain to step aside -- JD was right.

Posted: Friday, September 06, 2013
Article comment by: Justa Thought

If the US becomes involved in Syria, it is going to cost money. A Tomahawk missile costs one million six hundred thousand each. Using the same logic as used for decreasing the national debt, why are we not deducting each missiles price and the extraneous costs from the military budget, if the military option is pursued? This is the same reasoning as used in other scenarios dealing with the national deficit.

Posted: Friday, September 06, 2013
Article comment by: Keep out of Syria Bilevich

This is Syria's civil war not ours. Let Allah work it out for them.

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