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4/18/2013 9:55:00 PM
New Prescott police chief tackles tough issues: Monahan talks about Iron Brotherhood, photo radar, foot patrols at open house
Matt Hinshaw/The Daily Courier
Nada Davis chats with new Prescott Police Chief Jerald Monahan Thursday afternoon during a meet-and- greet at the Prescott Lakes Clubhouse.
Matt Hinshaw/The Daily Courier
Nada Davis chats with new Prescott Police Chief Jerald Monahan Thursday afternoon during a meet-and- greet at the Prescott Lakes Clubhouse.
Lisa Irish
The Daily Courier

Prescott Police Chief Jerald Monahan answered questions about photo radar, weapons in bars, event security, increased officer foot patrols downtown, and the notorious Iron Brotherhood during his first open house with more than 40 community members Thursday at the Prescott Lakes Clubhouse.

Top of mind for many citizens is the status into the investigation of the December 2012 Iron Brotherhood bar fight on Whiskey Row involving local law enforcement officers. Monahan said DPS investigators have told him the report they're preparing has been delayed multiple times over shootings that the team has been pulled from the Iron Brotherhood incident to investigate.

"The shootings clearly take priority," Monahan said.

Prescott Police officers who conducted the initial investigation did their job well and appropriately "when faced with peers whose conduct was less than becoming," Monahan added.

"Your officers were not treated well by their peers who belonged to the Iron Brotherhood and were at Whiskey Row that evening," Monahan said. "But your officers still gathered what they needed to, dealt with the human dynamic in front of them - dealing with their peers - and they got the job done."

Monahan said there was no reason for a quick arrest that night.

"In fact, it wasn't even clear if the young man who ended up at the hospital did not have a role in it more than just being the victim," Monahan said.

Officers gathered evidence so "an independent agency could look at this objectively and make a decision neutral of the influence of peer officers from other departments," Monahan said.

"Your Deputy Chief Andy Reinhardt was not involved in any of the misconduct that occurred that night," Monahan said. "He was not even in the location where the misconduct occurred. He was a part of that party earlier on, but had left long before it deteriorated into a misconduct event."

Monahan continued, "DPS has told me that the evidence supports that, no matter what the others have said."

After Reinhardt learned what had happened, he resigned from the Iron Brotherhood, Monahan said.

"No members of the Prescott Police Department are a part of that group and certainly should not be in light of what I see on (the Iron Brotherhood) website and what their appearance is," Monahan said.

Segueing to another topic, local resident John Davis asked if, in light of recent domestic attacks, Prescott Police was increasing security for upcoming events, Monahan said he was concerned that copycats and people struggling with mental health issues might see events like the Whiskey Off-Road as opportunities for attention.

"All of us can play a role in making us safer by being vigilant," Monahan said. "When you see something that looks suspicious, take steps to report it. Let's check it out."

Duane Donovan said he sees officers doing foot patrols downtown and asked if they would increase.

"We started that quite recently, because of requests from downtown merchants," Monahan said.

The adoption of an aggressive solicitation ordinance provides officers a tool to look at the behaviors that cross the line, Monahan said.

"Where somebody may be soliciting you for funds, then won't leave you alone, they put their hand on you, they try to stop you while you're walking, (the city's new) ordinance will allow your officers to deal with that," Monahan said. "One of the things we'll do there is look for the worst offenders and we'll target them."

Jason Wellman asked what kind of steps the police are taking for safety on Whiskey Row and weapons in bars.

"Our patrol strategy for Whiskey Row is certainly to be visible," Monahan said. "I'll be honest with you. We rely very heavily on the liquor establishments themselves and their security staff."

Monahan said some of the worst problems we have down there are at closing time.

"People have been drinking consistently through the evening, and at quitting time they see an opportunity outside the bar to settle the score that went on inside the bar," Monahan said. "So I think a heavier presence at the 2 o'clock hour, which we could do by doubling up shifts, having overlap shifts, ensure a police presence at that time."

As an aside, Monahan remarked that he recently received his first speeding ticket.

"You want to know where I got it? Prescott Valley. Photo radar. And I'm still pissed off over that," Monahan said. "I was driving reasonable and prudent - 36 in a 25 - and it was one of those moveable vans, those 'I gotcha' vans."

The audience laughed.

"Are you thinking about bringing those vans to Prescott?" Kathie Collins asked.

Monahan said he thinks photo radar is a valid strategy to reduce red-light running.

"If you have an area where cars are running red lights and causing accidents, put the photo radar there," Monahan said.

But Monahan stressed photo radar is a community decision. "You as a community tell your mayor, council and police if you want photo radar."

Monahan also relayed details of his professional background to community members, saying he began thinking about a career in law enforcement when his father took a job as a correctional officer at Florence.

"For whatever reason, that interested me," Monahan said. "I was changing oil at a Toyota dealership and thought "Oil? Prisoners? Oil? Prisoners? So that began my law enforcement career."

Monahan said his 34-year career in law enforcement began as a correctional service officer with the Arizona State Prison in Florence. Then Monahan rose through the ranks at the Casa Grande Police Department, took an assignment with the Arizona Police Corps, and worked for the Pinal County Sheriff's Office, before becoming Apache Junction's Police Chief.

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Reader Comments

Posted: Wednesday, April 24, 2013
Article comment by: Bet the chief is...

...really, really happy that Elvis has become the focus of this discussion! What's next?? Grab yourself a peanut butter and banana sandwich and wait for the next twist in a ride that's getting weirder and wackier by the day. By golly, this town is a gem. A real gem! Who needs reality TV?

Posted: Wednesday, April 24, 2013
Article comment by: Elvis Iron Brotherhood

RE: Mr. Maverick
"Hearing" we prospect is the furthest thing from the "truth". This is more misinformation and not at all accurate. I have never, nor would I "prospect" for membership into the Arizona Iron Brotherhood.

I have never had to get beers, wash bikes, or other demeaning or humiliating functions to enter into this club. I am a man that stands behind my beliefs and convictions. I judge one man by his actions and his alone. If this were not the case I would have thrown all humankind away a long time ago. We are all here on earth for a reason. To BS you or anyone else is not my way of being. Good day to you Mr. Maverick. Elvis

Posted: Wednesday, April 24, 2013
Article comment by: Wanna Be Anthropologist

Dear Elvis,

Who chose your name and why? What is the meaning?

Posted: Wednesday, April 24, 2013
Article comment by: Mr Maverick

If our police want to belong to a motorcycle gang they should quit the police force. I have heard they 'prospect' any other gang. A �prospect has to wash others bikes and do menial chores until they are deemed qualified to be a member. The description supposedly written by a police/gang member is a joke. He makes it sound like it is a knitting club rather than a 1% criminal game they are. What BS! Reports of criminal activity are on record so quit trying to justify police who break the law just like the criminals they arrest.

Posted: Wednesday, April 24, 2013
Article comment by: Elvis Iron Brotherhood

Reply To: Wanna Be Anthropologist

1. Membership into the club is a simple task . A new applicant rides with the group after being formally introduced to one or more members. After a few months if he is still interested and wants to join, he will fill out the paperwork and be voted in by the membership after discussion. We do not allow officers that have been terminated from any agency for misconduct, or have quit their agency in lieu of termination.

2. Nicknames or AKA'S are usually chosen by the membership but sometimes chosen by the member. Interesting fact: Sometimes, I have known guys for years and have never known their true real names. It is like if you were a veteran in the military and called guys by their last names only.

Thank you for the question. Any others?

Posted: Wednesday, April 24, 2013
Article comment by: 30 Year Resident

So the investigative team was pulled off the investigation because of multiple shootings....if this were true why haven't we read about these shootings in the Courier?????? Smells like another coverup to me!

Posted: Wednesday, April 24, 2013
Article comment by: Hooty Hoo

@ Elvis Iron Bro: Unfortunately you are in the know, and the public isn't. Our first knowledge of the IB was this horrible incident. It's like Rocker Wearer said: only the bad news about biker clubs is perpetrated. And the thing that makes this incident really smell is that according to the original story Asst. Chief Reinhart was ushered out of the bar before the cops came (that may not be the case but that's what some IB was quoted as saying), and nobody fingered/ratted on the IB member who slugged the drunk. I know, it's watching your IB's backs and all that manly garbage, but it's true. Somebody knew who committed a clearcut crime and witnessed it, AND REFUSED TO COME CLEAN. That person does not have my trust to be a police officer, sorry. I consider them a criminal.

Posted: Wednesday, April 24, 2013
Article comment by: Wanna Be Anthropologist

Dear Elvis,

1) I would like to know how new members are accepted into the Iron Brotherhood. I understand that members must be LEOs or retired LEOs and that only males can join, but I wonder how the membership is finally approved. Does it take a vote of the general membership, or of a board? How exactly are new members inducted into the Iron Brotherhood?

2) Do the members choose their own nick names or are they named by someone else? How do they members end up with their nick names?

Posted: Tuesday, April 23, 2013
Article comment by: Elvis Iron Brotherhood

I can appreciate Si! Se!'s passion for the right to arbitrarily condem every member of the Iron Brotherhood, but is that really necessary and appropriate? I would argue the point but will agree to disagree with your views and move on. Now to those that may want honest answers please ask away. ELVIS

Posted: Tuesday, April 23, 2013
Article comment by: Wanna Be Anthropologist

I think this is one of the strangest and most interesting comment threads that I have read. I'm trying to figure out who is law enforcement and who the posers are. Weird would be an understatement.

Oddly enough I love Elvis. I always did love Elvis. I am surprised to learn that the Iron Brotherhood has members with nicknames that are lovable, like Elvis.

Much of the comments, names, punctuation, apparent familiarity, terminology,
speech patterns and rhythms, lead me to believe that the majority of the thread is no more than two people. I am exceedingly intrigued by who these people really are.

Bottom line... I want to hear more from Elvis

Posted: Tuesday, April 23, 2013
Article comment by: Si!Se! me Puede @ jimbo & Rocker: Coply bikers of sanctimony

... I am sensing a trend. Plus, don't start with all this smoke & dust about your 'rights' to be an Iron Brotherhood big-bad biker either. The only 'gang' you are supposed to belong to involves being a public servant and police officer. Your screw-up has nothing to do with Harley-Davidson motorcycles, either.

So let me break it down for you a bit. You embarrassed us all with that Iron Brotherhood stunt in December. Your drunken nonsense resulted in good officers being out of a job, while you continue to play the "Where's Waldo" game over Top Dog. You should all be ashamed.

So, which is it? Are you police officers dedicated to enforcing the law and serving the public, or are you Iron Brotherhood biker-boy wanna-be's who need a new job...possibly one with fun, friends, and flexible hours? (But no badge, unless it has to do with Mayor McCheese wanting you to catch the Hamburglar)

Perhaps the letter I was responding to, and taking the side of the police who I felt only made a simple mistake in judgement, was right after all. It seems you have learned nothing and are incapable and unwilling to look at the fallout, so far, from your drunken escapades. Perhaps your badges are just so big they deflect reality, but the fact remains what you did was stupid, and you owe everyone an apology. No more games.

Get smarter.

Posted: Tuesday, April 23, 2013
Article comment by: same o'l same o'l

did any body eles hear what he said,d.p.s.was to busy to invesagate the bar fight.but thay where going to get around to it. then he said a out-side invesagatoin was going on.sounds like same old,same old to me..which one is it.??we need to but this behind us.charge them as you would any body eles are just amitt that cops or above the law and move on..

Posted: Tuesday, April 23, 2013
Article comment by: jimbo model fxt

Si!Se! me Puede

You act like you know something. If you do you sure talk like an ignorant cop with a bad taste for your fellow cops. Or someone trying to be tough and self righteous. Maybe self absorbed too. Why resort to name calling and bad blood with "Rocker". Clearly he hit a chord with you and the, "cranial orb" remark was a dumb jab. Grow up a little bit. That's the problem with some of the cops nowadays. They don't know how to have fun anymore and act so superior to anyone out there they become blind. Get a hobby for crying out loud.

Posted: Tuesday, April 23, 2013
Article comment by: Rocker wearer club or not

Si!Se! me Puede
You sir do not really get it do you? You say one thing, concur with me on another, and yet spout your salacious remarks like you are a baby whose rattler just got taken away. If you are not a civilian as you say, just what are you? A cop in hiding (officer friendly)? A person who thinks you are better than they are because you won't or don't ride a Harley and wear motorcycle attire with police affiliation? You are a person who "acts" like you know. I seriously doubt your resolve and or intelligence gathering on the matter. Do you even know who Top-Gun is? No. As a matter of opinion, you sir do not have the cranial containment orb in the right place as it must surely be stuck so far up your rear it can't hear itself. Stop trying to play like you are above people. If you are a cop, you should probably take a look in the mirror and ask yourself if you judge too harshly and give people the benefit of doubt before you ticket them and haul them away because you have the power to do so. You sure act like the holier than thou cop attitude.

Posted: Tuesday, April 23, 2013
Article comment by: Elvis Iron Brotherhood

I am a member of the Iron Brotherhood LEMC. I too have been waiting for the DPS report to come out. I know some members of the community would like to know what happened. I have been unable to present my account or opinion of what happened for reasons unknown through the media outlets. I will only say this to some people with the negative comments. You do not know the whole story, nor do you allow yourselves judgments reserved for an independent review. Many people's lives have already been affected by what happened. It was an unfair and unfortunate situation that was made into a "police incident" by association. This is my opinion and nobody there intended to withhold or obscure any investigation, quite the contrary. Information was provided as necessary. In my opinion the investigation was not completed and or done properly. I would welcome and discuss with anyone the circumstances surrounding that night, my commitment to the public safety and my reasons for belonging to a motorcycle club. Honest and proper dialogue is important to foster trust and community awareness regarding any police incident, both on and off duty. I have lived my life with due regard for public safety and the welfare of the citizens. Many members were not even involved, yet implicated erroneously without due process or evidence to support such comments. It's unfortunate that this incident ever occurred and in life things happen beyond our control sometimes. Please hold your opinions against your police and community leaders until after the report has come out. Lastly, believe that while some incidents appear one way on the surface, they are far more misunderstood and hyped by people bent on an angles and distortion instead of the truth. Believe in your police departments and the men and women who serve you. Most are decent hard working men and women who deserve your support. Sincerely, Elvis, Iron Brotherhood LEMC

Posted: Monday, April 22, 2013
Article comment by: Si!Se! me Puede @ Rocker Wearer club or no club

Uh, Rocker, perhaps you should brush up on many things, starting with what I actually said, and what I was responding towards. Just to make it simple, I was making essentially the same point you are, and disagreeing that everyone involved in the Iron Brotherhood should be fired so we could 'start over'.

However, the in-my-face attitude you are expressing, after misunderstanding the situation, is exactly the problem. Worse, it is precisely why some good police officers lost their jobs, and likely a couple more will as well.

It is this self-righteous abrasiveness that is so off-putting to so many people in the public, i.e. civilians...which I am NOT!

Thus, (hint, hint) I likely have much more comprehension than you have now, or will when the DPS report is released for that matter. Plus, I understand the impact and dynamic of the event in regards to an outraged public perception of rogue police officers acting out in a public place. Apparently you are clueless now, just like you did not get a clue on 22 December at Hooligan's. This lack of comprehension and situational awareness is now being unfortunately felt by your ex-police officer pals, and soon to be unemployed badged buds. Get it?

So, please, cool your jets and take a step back. My remarks stand on their own merits, your bristling support for the Iron Brotherhood, a motorcycle club / gang which means nothing at all, as opposed to understanding the bad public image such an organization presents to the public, which means everything, is the problem.

It is a big one, Rocker. You need to start getting this problem locked into your cranial containment orb, if not you will continue to make the same mistakes. Not good ones, either.

The fact that Iron Brotherhood riders help stranded motorists, have 9-5 jobs, and seek adventure hardly negates the events of 22 December...do it?

Just because the Hell's Angels have an annual toy drive for disadvantaged kids around Christmas does not negate the fact of their being Hell's Angels the rest of the year, now does it?

Think man, think!

Posted: Monday, April 22, 2013
Article comment by: Photo Radar Is A Scam

Fight Photo Radar
Boycott PV!

Posted: Monday, April 22, 2013
Article comment by: Omar Burdick

Nice PR skills. That's you get to be a chief.

His actions will speak louder than his words.

We will see.

Posted: Monday, April 22, 2013
Article comment by: Rocker Wearer club or no club

To:Si!Se! me Puede @ Ralph Cramden No Need to Start Over
You really need to learn about motorcycle clubs and riders in general before you spout off nonesense about such things.
Clubs that ride Harleys, wear patches on their backs are interesting people indeed. They are not just the 1%er criminal types causing trouble that need to be made out like invalids bent on fighting and getting drunk. Most Harley riders are patriotic in nature, social, caring and approachable. Most have 9-5 jobs including, police, fire, government workers, attorneys, moms, cousins, brothers, engineers, construction workers, even bakers. They are all facets of people and come from every religion and walks of life. They enjoy the road and the outdoors and seek adventure and common bonds between themselves and others. They wave as they pass you not caring where you are from or what you do. They stop and help people who need roadside assistance. They are the friends family and fellow citizens that love their country. To say that one incident negates all that, and you need to impose restrictions on their very freedoms to be who they are is as idiotic as the comments you suggest. Police have rights too and save your judgements. You really don't know what happened and who started this fiasco now do you? Let the investigation come out and sit tight. You may be in for a big surprise.

Posted: Monday, April 22, 2013
Article comment by: I'M COMPLETELY CONFUSED

Before Chief Monahan came to Prescott he was asked about his thoughts on the Iron Brotherhood incident. He said that he felt that it was important for officers to not "blur the line" between being a police officer and off duty activities that could be construed as illegal, immora or unethical. Now that he is here he was recently questioned as to his thoughts about the actions of Assistant chief Reinhardt on that night. He said that Andy was at the Iron Brotherhood party earlier but he was not anywhere near the location where the "misconduct" occurred. He also said that there are "not currently" any members of the Iron Brotherhood working for his department. OK..I'm confused. Is the message..It's alright to participate in questionable Iron Brotherhood behavior as long as you aren't discovered? Or. Is the message that once your clubs questionable behavior is discovered you can quit the club no matter how long you have been a member of the club and participated in their questionable activities and all is forgiven? Or. Is the message that "blurring the line" does not include wearing cuts into a bar by using your badge as an entry card and partying until the bar cuts you off while intimidating the other bar patrons and employees. Mr. Suttle told police that Andy was there and was involved in the clubs activities on that night. Andy said that he was not....hmmm. I'm thinking that the chief means that you can join whatever groups you want to and when you get caught doing something that is "blurring the line" you can quit and you are "right as rain" again. Welcome to Prescott Chief...you will fit right in.

Posted: Monday, April 22, 2013
Article comment by: @ Si!Se! & R

I do not consider speed limits in our area "artificially low", most notably the residential ones, nor would I describe the chief's stated positions "logical". I considered his public comments generally impolitic and ill timed, given the temperature of the topics, the newness of his uniform and the shelf life of PPD chiefs of late.

I could go into more detail on these points, but I have a meeting to attend and want to allow plenty of time to drive from Point A to Point B at the appropriately set speed limits. That's the sort of thing that seems logical to me.

Posted: Sunday, April 21, 2013
Article comment by: Si!Se! me Puede @ Ralph Cramden No Need to Start Over

The cops involved in the Iron Brotherhood fiasco really did not do much wrong, they just involved themselves as an alcohol involved public nuisance stupid situation, while having a badge in their back pocket.

The big disconnect was when high ranking police officials in various departments around the state, most notably Prescott and PV, (Chief Kabbel for instance) did not immediately intervene, invoke discipline on the officers cavorting around as Iron Brotherhood morons, and closing the books on this nonsense promptly.

By waiting for official DPS investigations and such it looked like police officials were stalling and covering up, when in fact they were just being stupid, while hoping the whole mess went away on its own.

This is a tempest in a teapot and should have been treated as such from the onset. Now it has been allowed to blow itself into a typhoon with no good outcome, and we are all blemished by the folly of a Police Holiday Party gone bad.

HINT: Next time no motorcycles, rent a hall, no civilians, no colors, and designated drivers. Leave guns and badges at home. Hire a security guard.

Even the nastiest real bikers know these rules.

Posted: Sunday, April 21, 2013
Article comment by: Trent R

The speed traps are a money making scheme for the PHOTO RADAR COMPANIES. Redflex installs speed trap cameras to make money, they are a business, and they are in the business to generate the highest profit possible. Each time a fine is paid the city makes some money but through creative accounting, they show it as a wash or sometimes as a loss. Each time a fine is collected for a violation everyone gets a slice of the pie Redflex, the courts, the city, the police department. Of course the pieces get smaller and smaller as the main entities dig into that pie and take first bites.

Typically speed traps were designed as a way to have traffic patrol cars get easy probably cause stops and generate more serious arrests after the stop. The department I retired from had "quotas" or they would like to call them by numerous other names including "performance index". If you were assigned as the traffic car that day, they wanted to see at least 10 speeding ticket violations by the end of your shift. They would threaten suspension or write-ups if you failed to meet that requirement.

I don't know what PVPD does in regards to traffic units but the Prescott Chief's response was logical when it came to the photo radar situation in Prescott Valley.

Posted: Sunday, April 21, 2013
Article comment by: Ralph Cramden

It's a shame that the cops don't think other cops who break the law don't need to be arrested because, "...there was no reason for a quick arrest that night."

Funny how if anyone of us peons were to get into a fight at a public bar and the law showed up, I can guarantee we'd be sitting in the can at least for the night and our name(s) blared all over the news(paper) along with some kind of possible charge going to be used against us.

Corruption in our police forces across the country, our government - local, state and federal - and too many sheeple willing to go along with it so long as it doens't hurt them, is the perfect reason our founding fathers despised all those very same people and created this country in the first place.

We need to start over....

Posted: Sunday, April 21, 2013
Article comment by: @ Trent R

What part of "residential" do you not understand? Hint: Think of all the "little" people. You know, the ones who are NOT in vehicles. The ones inside homes, in yards, on bikes, riding school buses, walking, attempting to traverse the road, trying to access their own driveways, and on and on.

Just because a town or city has expanded a residential road, allowed it to carry a disproportionate burden of vehicular traffic over the years, or even permitted some businesses to pop up along the way, does not mean those "little" people deserve to have their safety and peace and quiet further degraded by something other than an enforced 25 mph residential speed limit.

Navajo is just such an example of a four lane, divided, residential road that is, and should remain, 25 mph. "Gotcha" vans are often parked there. I'm assuming that's because, even with the too lenient 11 mph overage permitted, fishing for speeders along there is a sure bet for the gotchas.

And, no, I don't live on Navajo. Don't know anyone who does, in fact. But I sure feel sorry for the people who do. Still, I'm glad they have those traffic lights to help slow down all the self-absorbed speeders who zoom around those of us going the speed limit, even though I don't personally enjoy stopping at each light. (BTW, a willingness to be inconvenienced for the sake of others is called being community minded.) And I'm happy that Navajo residents, and others, have those gotchas, too.

Oh, and about speed traps? I suggest you turn off "Andy Griffith" reruns and do some current, real world research into what percentage of a speeding ticket actually goes into the coffers of the municipality that issues it. You'll discover a speeding ticket is no moneymaking scheme. Not by a country mile.

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